Pinterest – What is it?

There are very few people who haven’t heard of Pinterest these days. It’s all over the media, with various clothing companies and beauty manufacturers jumping onto the bandwagon and coming up with their own Pinterest accounts. Even cleaning services can get into the mix and and start “pinning” pictures of rooms that they’ve cleaned and other things that they’ve done.

But, putting all of the hype aside for a moment: what exactly is Pinterest? Is it just a gigantic photo collage or online scrapbook, or is a social media site where people can connect with other like-minded individuals with the same interests, or even friends and family? The answer is that Pinterest is both of these.

Not only can you connect with all of your loved one or acquaintances, just like you can on Facebook, Twitter or even Tumblr, but you can “friend” people whose Pinterest boards are similar to yours. You can set up your Pinterest board so that the pictures that you like are divided into various categories, for example, architecture, clean rooms, fashion, beauty, books and vehicles.

There are several ways to “pin” something to your Pinterest board. You can either pin something that is already up on Pinterest, simply by clicking on the “pin it” button. You can then save it under the whichever category that you feel it best fits into, and can even leave a comment explaining why you pinned it or what you like about it. The other ways to add something to your Pinterest board involves finding images that are already on the Internet, or by uploading pictures that you’ve taken yourself.

Once you’ve added something to your board, your Pinterest friends will be able to see it on their timelines. They can then comment on your pin, add it to their board or click the “like” button. All of this is just another way of communicating with friends, family or the public at large, similar to the other social media sites that are currently available.


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