Portable Apartment Security

Security is important to many apartment dwellers. The combination of living in close proximity with virtual strangers when combined with the flimsiness of some apartment doors means that people’s belongings need to be kept safe. Also, those living in apartments are limited in their security system options for the following reasons:

– They cannot put holes in the walls. For this very reason, complicated systems that include an in-wall keypad and numerous other safety measures that need to be embedded into the walls, will not work in apartments. These systems are designed for houses – and you need a smaller, yet equally effective one that suits your needs.

– No exterior door (as in door that leads outside of the building, not outside of the apartment) means that some security systems simply won’t work. Complicated systems that require a multiple cameras and sensor alarms will not work very well in an apartment for this very reason. You need a simpler system that is designed to take up a minimal amount of space.

– Landlord limitations. Because you live in an apartment, you have to stay within the terms of your lease. It is standard to see requirements like the one listed above, which involves not putting holes (beyond those required to hang pictures) in the walls. These leases tend to have clauses regarding security systems, as many apartment complexes have some measures in place like locking exterior doors that require codes or passes to open them.

Because people who live in apartments cannot make the large, expensive modifications required to put in a complicated security system, they need something like the Tattletale. The Tattletale is a portable security device that only needs to be plugged into the wall. It also has a battery back up, which comes in handy should the power go out while you are away from home. This means that your belongings will be kept safe.

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