Productivity and Your Clean Home

Picture this: you come home from work only to find a mess on your hands, since you haven’t yet hired a cleaning service. Your pets have tracked dirt everywhere and have upended an end table, leaving a broken lamp in their wake. Not only that, your kitchen floor is in need of a good scrubbing, you have dirty dishes sitting in the sink, and you haven’t seen the floor in your office for over a month. Stressful, isn’t it?

Now picture what it would be like if you had hired a cleaning service: the kitchen floor would be clean, the sink scrubbed and the office floor vacuumed. Any mess that your pets had made would have been cleaned up by the maid service. Doesn’t that sound better than the alternative?

Arriving at home after a long, hard day of work to find your house clean and sparkling not only eliminates the need to have to spend precious minutes cleaning it yourself, but also gives you instant stress relief. Knowing that you are able to take the time to unwind in front of the television or curl up with a good book in order to forget about any work-related problems is one of the best stress-relievers imaginable. The gentle lingering scent of cleaning fluids is sometimes better than any herbal potpourri or essential oil blend.

Hiring a cleaning service may cost money, but it will save you in the long run. Not having to clean your own house will help you relax, which in turn will make you sleep better — leaving you to be more productive at work. It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind, but the cost of a cleaning service is a pretty good place to begin.

Since 1999, More Time for You, a Powell based business has been proving housecleaning service in the Dublin, Powell and surrounding areas.


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