Reseeding My Lawn

If your lawn has sections of dead, yellowed grass, bare patches or even areas where the weeds have grown out-of-control and choked the life out of the grass that was previously there, then it’s time to reseed your lawn. Before you whip out the bag of grass seed and begin sprinkling it, there are a few steps that need to be taken:

1) Remove the dead grass. Although you can lay down some grass seed over it and hope for the best, in order to get the results that you want, you’ll have to take out the dead grass and its root systems. A hand trowel or flat shovel will work best to accomplish this.

2) Fill in any extremely low spots with topsoil. You want your lawn to be even, but most importantly, healthy. The problem with low spots, where the soil has sunken in, is that water will get trapped in them after rainstorms and when you water your lawn. The grass in these sections will become waterlogged and begin to die, causing you to repeat the process.

3) Sprinkle your grass seed. Lay down a thin layer of them on top of the soil. Aim for between 4 to 6 seeds per inch of open soil. Any more and they won’t grow properly, and any less will cause bald spots.

4) Lay down straw to protect the seeds and keep them in the soil. The straw will also prevent them from being washed away, and will press them down into the dirt so that they can take root.

Remember that the best times to reseed your lawn are in the spring, fall and winter. It is too hot in the summer in most climates for reseeding to be successful.

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