Should my Service Provider be Registered with the State?

People often hire others to provide services around their homes based on the advice of a friend or because they saw them working somewhere else and solicited them.  At other times, someone might drive up, ask a person about cutting the grass, and make a deal on the spot.

The truth is, most people don’t consider the solvency of the person doing the work or if there is a legitimate business behind the individual they are dealing with.

Of course, if you’re hiring a 12 year old to cut your grass, it’s obviously a different situation than if you’re hiring someone who professes to be with a professional organization or company.

If the company is legitimate, it should have an actual place of business and a business license.  If the company has employees, payroll taxes should be withheld and the company should be registered with the state.  This is a legal requirement for any organization that has employees.

Most homeowners don’t consider these things when they hire a service provider, even though it’s the law.  There are homeowners and businesses who actually hire people who do not pay taxes because they think they are getting a better deal and paying less money for the service.

Looking more closely at the situation, anyone who knowingly hires an individual or company that is in violation of the law is actually breaking the law themselves to an extent.  They are also taking business away from legitimate people who pay taxes and support the country in general.

Another way to look at the situation is what would become of state or federal government if no one paid their taxes?  Who would pay for the services provided at those levels that affect the betterment of life for everyone?

If you have a problem with a fly-by-night service provider, what recourse will you have when something goes wrong?  When you pay a handyman for some work that falls apart when he leaves, how are you going to get any satisfaction, and who are you going to ask for help? Registering with the state requires that the business have some level of accountability.

You should have these considerations when it comes down to the importance of a service provider being registered with the state.  It’s important to know who you are dealing with, especially someone you allow to work in or around your home and family.

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