Spring Cleaning Products

Spring is a time of renewal. The weather gets better, plants come out of hibernation, and flowers begin to bloom. It’s also the best time of year to shake off those winter doldrums and get motivated to clean and organize your home. Here are a few types of products to keep in your cleaning arsenal, as they can be used year-round, not just in the springtime:

Bathrooms: In order to properly clean a bathroom, you need several products. A tile cleanser, an all-purpose bathroom cleanser and a toilet brush (or specialty cleaning brush that has the soap built in) can all work wonders. A sponge, some rubber gloves, a lot of hot water and some soft, clean towels are needed as well. Don’t forget to clean the floor!

Kitchens: The kitchen is a tricky room to clean. You need to make sure that you don’t leave any soap residue on the stove, especially if you have removed the burners to clean them, as it can make things interesting when you light them. You’ll need a mop and some all-purpose cleaner for the floor, front and sides of all cabinets, and the countertop. If your oven has a self clean mode, be sure to use it, but at the same time, be prepared to sweep out any remaining debris after the self cleaning is completed. Because if this, you are better off starting there and then cleaning the rest of the room afterwards.

The rest of the house: A good duster can take care of the dust clinging to appliances, books and the tops of shelves and tables. A specialty wood cleaner should be used on any wooden furniture in order to clean it thoroughly without harming the finish or scratching the surface. Glass cleaner for any windows, and a vacuum for carpets and rugs are also required.





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