Steam Clean or Vacuum Carpets?

Steam cleaning and vacuuming are two completely different things. Sure, both clean your carpets, but one is far more effective on ground-in dirt and deep stains than the other. If you just need to sweep up a few crumbs or want to remove any dirt or grime that is lingering on the top layer of your carpet fibers, then a simple vacuuming should do the trick. Also, if you clean your house on a regular basis and don’t have any pets, then you won’t need to bring out the steam cleaner very often, if ever. However, there are some conditions that require the use of a steam cleaner. For example:

– If you have just moved into a new house or apartment and have no idea of what the previous tenets were like. In this case, you want to have the carpets professionally steam cleaned before moving in  — just to be on the safe side and to give your new home a fresh start — literally.

– If you have a lot of messy pets like cats, dogs and birds that track cat litter, dirt, bird seed and who knows what all over your carpeted house. While a vacuum will pick up the upper layer of dirt and debris, in order to get your carpets truly clean, you will need to steam clean them.

– If your carpet is covered in tough stains, like grease and cooking oils, then only a steam cleaner will be able to get them out.

– If your house has been flooded at some time in past, and, although dry now, your carpet smells like mold and mildew. In this case, you may end up needing new carpeting, but before incurring that expense, get them steam cleaned to see if that will do the job.

There are many other reasons as to why you should get your carpet steam cleaned, but before calling in the experts, try vacuuming them first. That will at least pick up some of the dirt that is marring your carpeting.

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