Tom Coffey – Architect

More Time for You Architect - Tom CoffetMaking a decision to construct a building is not an easy task.  If you have never built and are naïve to the process, then one of your first and very critical choices you will make is your selection of your architect.   Do not, let me repeat; do not minimize the importance of this decision.

For you Seinfeld fans- you do not want George Costanza as your architect.  Your architect will be your guardian angel throughout the process.  They will help on the creative side.  They will coordinate with the legions of engineers and surveyors whom you’ll need.  They will represent you like an attorney through Planning and Zoning and any Historical reviews you will have to endure.  They will monitor, mollify and modify as your project proceeds.  They will watch it progress like a nurturing parent does their children.  They will be as excited and proud of the project as you will be when it is completed.

Let me share from an owner’s perspective the single most important factor in choosing your architect – passion.  I think by default most architects are technically competent to design a structure. However, not everyone will relish the daunting task of dealing with small business owners not knowing what they are getting in to.

Pam and I were fortunate enough to know Tom Coffey, a local architect.  Tom is passionate about his profession.  Tom is professional about his passion.  Tom and his team of experts helped us to create a unique building bearing our brand.  His meticulous attention to details and his commitment to making sure we were happy never wavered during the entire process.

Tom’s design enabled us to retain an 80 year old Oak tree.  He crafted a structure that meet our business needs and conformed to our budget limitations.  Tom always went above and beyond on all aspects of the project.  When construction was near completion, he sacrificed a Sunday afternoon to help us with the final walk through. 

We are delighted to recommend Tom and would invite anyone considering a project to contact us or visit our building to see first-hand the design and finished product.  Thanks Tom, helped create a wonderful new home for More Time for You.

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