Trusting You Housecleaning Service Provider

Last time I spoke about my unique trust situation.  I want to continue with that thought.

Trust is something that takes a long, long time to obtain from some people.  In some cases, it can be years before a comfort level is achieved from an individual or business.  Although it might not seem fair, all that trust can disappear in a moment when a business appears to be something other than what it was thought to be.

In the house cleaning business, it is necessary most of the time for the services to be performed while the client is away.  Developing trust between the individual and the cleaning company is not something to be aspired to; it is an absolute necessity.  When someone allows others into his or her personal residence, it needs to be understood that there is nothing to worry about as far as safety of possessions and privacy.

From the customer’s viewpoint, how can there be trust when a new house cleaning company is contracted?  If the name of the service was just pulled out of the phone book, what evidence is there that can give that feeling of security that your possessions and privacy will be safe?

Really, there isn’t a way to know about a business at first, but to safeguard yourself as best possible, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints registered against a company you are considering hiring.  Ask for references of other individuals or businesses the company has been in the employ of for an extended period.

From the cleaning contractor’s viewpoint, credibility is everything.  One situation where even the smallest article disappears from a home can result in a smear to the name of the business.  It is much harder to prove yourself innocent once you’ve been accused than it is to be blamed for something of which you were not a part.

Companies who have a good record are those who screen their employees well and do a masterful job of training all their help in how to not only clean, but to stay out of situations where they might be accused of any wrong doing or be tempted.

More Time for You has a reputation built on trust that comes with managing a business the right way.  That’s the reason that 75% of their customers give them the keys to their homes.  Do you trust your service provider?

Have confidence and rest assured that your privacy, your home, and your possessions are safe by using a reputable house cleaning service company.

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