Turnover in the Housecleaning Industry

MTFY is NOT  a revolving door.Turnover in the housecleaning industry is very high.  Cleaning houses is hard work and can often come with little money and respect.  However, it is not hard to find a job for cleaning houses.  Cleaning opportunities are almost recession proof; many people are willing to pay for someone else to clean their home.  There are many professional home cleaners that treat their employees well and offer good benefits and pay.

While many companies pay their employees minimum wage to scrub other people’s toilets, the best house cleaners will offer monetary incentives and benefits.  Some qualities to look for in a housecleaning employer are:

  • Respect for their employees
  • Longevity of the business
  • Stability of employment
  • Safe work environment
  • Training
  • Reasonable pay and benefits package

People who take jobs in the housecleaning industry are oftentimes looked down upon by their peers and even their employers; this is one of the main causes of turnover in the housecleaning business.  Companies that give their employees understanding and esteem are more successful at retaining good workers.  Look for a professional home cleaner that understands the value of a great house cleaner.  The best house cleaning companies will reward their employees based on performance and continue to give them perks and benefits throughout their time with the company.

In this economy, layoffs are common.  Since there is such high turnover in jobs for housecleaning anyway, this can cause fear among employees.  It is best to look for a professional home cleaner that has a stable history with little to no layoffs.  Companies like Molly Maid and other franchises can offer some of these benefits but may not be able to fill all of the employee needs.

More Time for You is a professional home cleaner in Powell, Ohio that has been in business since 1999.  They offer all of these important qualities for their employees.  In addition, during their 12 years history – they have never laid off any employee.  This and being a family owned business is one of the reasons that turnover at More Time for You is below the industry averages.  If you are looking for housecleaning job opportunities, consider this award winning company.

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