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Twitter is useful in so many ways. Did you know that news (especially bad news) travels the world faster on this social media platform than it does anywhere else? Even bloggers who spend the day on their computers can’t spread the word faster. In this aspect, Twitter is leaving traditional news formats, like television, radio and newspapers, in the dust.

Right now, Twitter has an estimated 500 Million users, and by next year, over 1 billion people or businesses are expected to have an account. In fact, even More Time For You is on Twitter. An account can be used to alert followers to information, tips, advice and news, which is exactly what the More Time For You Twitter account does.

Whether you’re interested in local events, are curious about our company, or just want to know when this blog is updated, our Twitter account is something that you need to check out. Followers will receive tweets regarding company news, as well as links to cleaning and general handyman advice. Some of the examples include, “Do you hand wash your dishes?  Add 2 TB  baking soda to your detergent and let it soaks for baked on food.  Use it as an abrasive as…” and, “Cooking odors on your hands?  Wet them and then sprinkle and rub some baking soda on your hands.”

If you’re interested in finding out more information about More Time For You, then click on over to our Twitter account and Facebook Business Page. You’ll be glad that you did.

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