Using the Better Business Bureau to Find a Reputable Housecleaning Company

For many years, the Better Business Bureau has been aiding consumers by taking their part against unscrupulous and crooked industries.  When a customer complains, the bureau listens, advises on what actions to take, and contacts the questionable business to reiterate the customer’s complaint.

Although the Better Business Bureau has no authority to act on the behalf of the individual or one business against another, it does furnish as much support as possible, and it provides all consumers with updated information on frauds and schemes that criminals use.  The consumer advocate still possesses the ability to make legislators and law enforcement groups take notice of the wrongs in the world.

With the advent of the internet, the BBB became more accessible to everyone.  You can find interesting and informative articles on many worthwhile things when you visit their website.  You can discover what con artists are concentrating on doing and learn the flags to look for when you are dealing with contractors or companies that are not on the up and up.

The BBB offers national and Canadian news and information, but most importantly, you can go to your region for facts on organizations.  Many of the businesses that you deal with regularly are members of the BBB.  If you deal with those who aren’t, you may be in for some surprises along the way.

The huge database of information at the BBB keeps track of businesses all over the country.  If a company moves from one area of the country to another, chances are the BBB has them in their database.  When a company has legal problems stemming from its dealings with consumers, that information remains in the system until someone checks into it.

Not all the information that the BBB offers is negative, however.  Companies who have provided good service find their way into the database.  The companies who are members of the bureau and have no unresolved issues receive good to excellent ratings, based on how those issues are resolved.  They have also recently implemented a modified grade scale, which provides a broader ranking scale.

Businesses who are not members of the BBB are not singled out as being bad, but if their record of accomplishment is not good, the bureau takes note of it.  It costs little to be a member of the Better Business Bureau, and many companies feel it is important to affirm their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Any entity that you consider as a possible service group to you personally or professionally should be checked out at the BBB.  If there is no information on the group, that is at least better than finding a problem.  It doesn’t make sense not to use this service whenever you are getting ready to engage a service provider.  It is quick, simple, and can be very informative.

We are proud of our A+ BBB Rating and are honor to have been the recipient of the 2005 BBB of Central Ohio Business Integrity Award.  We are also one of the several housecleaning companies that are accredited with the BBB.

You can check out ratings for Central Ohio companies at:

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