Vinegar – Tips and Tricks

Modern cleaning solutions, although effective, are made of many different chemical compounds and formulas. While many of them work far better than their older (and simpler) counterparts, some of those more natural solutions still work well. For example, look at vinegar. It has many uses, besides those of coloring hardboiled eggs for Easter celebrations and marinating steaks. Here are just some of its many uses around the house:

Remove ink, crayon and chewing gum from clothing, carpeting and upholstered furniture – Simply dab a little vinegar on a rag (or dilute it with water when dealing with more delicate fabrics) and then rub it on the stain. Any ink or crayon residue with come out easily. For hardened wads of chewing, soak part of the rag in vinegar and place over the gum. It will begin to soften and dissolve.

Wash your dishes, pots and pans more effectively — Adding a capful of vinegar in with your dish soap when soaking a sinkful of dirty silverware, plates, cups and pots and pan will help dissolve any leftover grease. Your dishes will come out cleaner with less effort. You can also add that capful of vinegar in with your dishwasher soap.

Unclog your drains — Add two to three cups of vinegar to a pan and let it boil for five minutes. Slowly pour it down your partially clogged drain. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then follow with hot water. This will clear out any built-up gunk in your pipes.

Wash your kitchen floors — Instead of reaching for your floor cleaning solutions, make one out of vinegar and  water. Mix one cup of vinegar into a bucket full of hot water, then use it to wash your floor.

Clean hard water residue and soap scum from your shower head — Remove your shower head and let it soak overnight in a container filled with vinegar. By the next morning, it will be clean!

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