Wet Coats During Winter

Wet coats, as well as soggy boots, hats, scarves and gloves (or mittens) are one of the many unfortunate side effects of winter. There is nothing more annoying than finding a puddle of water on your dining room floor, caused by someone flinging a wet, snow-covered coat over the back of a chair. In order to keep your house from becoming a soggy winter wonderland, consider following one of these quick tips:

– Set aside a cabinet or closet for your winter gear only — although you could expand this to include anything rain-soaked as well. Make sure that there is a water-absorbing pad or series of towels on the floor or base of the cabinet or closet in order to avoid damaging the floor or bottom of the cabinet.

– Put a door mat or pad right inside your front and side doors to hold wet boots and shoes. Choose one that will absorb the water and keep it from spilling onto the floor.

– Hang a coat rack right above your interior door mat or pad. Make sure that everyone who comes in with wet things hangs them there.

Some things that you do not want to do involve:

– Letting people hang wet coats and scarves over the backs of chairs.

– Putting all of the wet coats on a bed (in case you are having a party and need to stash them somewhere.)

– Piling wet socks, scarves, hats, mittens and gloves on the floor where they will form puddles that will soak into and ruin your carpeting.

– Keeping wet boots in various places throughout the house where they can become a slippery hazard pretty quickly.

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