What Do You Do When Your Power Goes Out?

It’s always a pain when the power goes out unexpectedly. Whether you’re left in the dark for several hours or several days, you need to be prepared. Here are several tips:

– Keep a flashlight or two, and some fresh batteries, in a handy location. This way you know exactly where they are and won’t need to hunt around for them in the dark.

– Keep a few candles and some matches or a lighter nearby as well. While this option isn’t as safe as a flashlight, you might need as much extra light as possible.

– Go around and turn off all light switches, television sets and minor appliances and electronic devices. This way, when the power does come back on, they won’t cause a power surge. Otherwise, you could blow trip a breaker or the electronics themselves could be damaged.

– Leave your refrigerator and freezer doors closed. If the power comes back on in less than two hours, everything within them will be fine. After two hours, start transferring your perishable refrigerated items into a cooler with ice. As far as your freezer is concerned: if it is full, everything within it will be okay for 48 hours, if it is half full, your food items will stay good for 24 hours.

– Keep a stash of bottled water on hand, both for drinking and for washing your hands and brushing your teeth, just in case your power should go out for over 24 hours. This is especially true if you live in a rural area and rely on a water purifier, instead of city water.

– Make sure that you have a battery powered radio handy, in order to get updates on the news and weather that pertain to your area.

– And most importantly, do not panic. This will only make the situation worse.

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