What is the Real Cost of Mowing Your Lawn?

Lawn Mulching and Mowing Service from MTFYOne of the responsibilities all homeowners must deal with is lawn care and having to mow.  But mow the lawn is not something you want to do on your day off.  Many people take pride in the beauty of their lawn, keeping it neat and groomed year round.  But how much does it really cost to mow your lawn?  Is it worth your time, money, effort, and health?

Lawn Mowers and Maintenance

Though fancy lawn mowers are nice to have, they come with a hefty price tag.  Unless you own at least an acre of land, having a large ride-on mower is not cost effective.  But push mowers can be cumbersome and take much longer to use.  Also, the maintenance and gas required to mow with both can be costly.  If you do not have a working knowledge of the mechanics of a lawn mower, you will have to hire someone to fix and maintain your machine when necessary.  Hiring a mowing service can save you the cost of purchasing a lawn mower; you will also be spared the hassle of machine maintenance and repairs.

Health and Safety

Nearly 250,000 people a year are treated for lawn mower injuries.  Eight percent of those injured are children under the age of 19.  These injuries result from:

  • Inexperienced people attempting to fix their machines
  • Attempting to dislodge objects without turning off the engine
  • Small objects shot from beneath the blades hitting bystanders
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heat stroke
  • Sun burn
  • Sun poisoning
  • Allergies

With all of these risks, letting a professional mower mow your lawn is a wise choice.

Time and Energy

Hiring a professional lawn care service to mow your yard can also save your time.  Imagine having the ability to relax with your family on Saturday instead of taking hours to care for your lawn!  Never again would you have to come home from work at the end of the day only to spend another hour on yard work.  More Time for You offers lawn care services in Powell, Ohio.  Let the experts mow your lawn and spend your time and money on the things that are important to you.

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