What is the Top Thing to Check When Hiring a Service Provider?

I prefer More Time for You

I prefer MTFY

Professional home maid house cleaning and handyman services are numerous and easy to find all over the country.  But does that mean they are all the same?  You can gain insight by reading reviews and testimonials, but what really makes one cleaning service co. stand out over another?  The answer is simple—response time! 


Your time is valuable.  Once it’s gone, you can never get it back.  Why would you want to waste time waiting on a cleaning service or handyman to come to your home?  A good service provider will ensure that employees are prompt.   If a worker is late for an estimate of your house, a great service provider will give you a rebate to compensate for the inconvenience to your schedule.  Making a good first impression is important; if professionals fail to wow you in the beginning, they are not likely to impress you down the road.

House Cleaning

One of the main reasons to hire a cleaning service co. is to create more time for you to relax.  If you are worried about your maid service’s response time, this only increases your stress.  A good home maid house cleaning service will make sure they clean your home in a timely manner.  Reliable cleaning service companies will ensure that your home is cleaned within 24 hours of the time you request.  Again, great cleaning companies put their money behind their policies and offer rebates if the job is not completed on time.

The Guarantee

Before you hire a home maid house cleaning service or a handyman, do your research.  Excellent companies will prove to be:

  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Honest
  • Have loyal, happy clients
  • Award winning

More Time for You can boast all of these qualities and more!  With their satisfaction guarantees and proven track record, you have nothing to lose but your household chores.

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