What is Your Favorite Maid Service Name?

They range from the perky – Merry Maids, to diva-ish – Princess Maid Service, and the downright catchy – Got It Maid. Some are location-based and include the name of the city or state that they’re in, while others are based more on what they do for you, like ours, More Time For You, and whether or not they use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. No matter the name of the company, each is a licensed and bonded cleaning service ready to come in and make your tile floors sparkle and your countertops shine.

When you go to hire a maid service, what’s more important: the name or the recommendations from current clients? Or do you go strictly by price and level of service? No matter what, you have to admit that the name does play even a small part in your choice. A cleaning service with a catchy or cheerful name will win out over one that’s boring. And for those looking for serious professionals, one with the word “executive” or “elite” in it seems to be preferred over one with a simple name.

The best maid service names, obviously, have the words “maid,” “service” and “cleaning” in them. Without those, no one would no what it is that the company does. Plus, thanks to Google searches and the prevalence of the Internet, a cleaning service name needs to be unique enough to form its own available URL. Some of the more popular names have already-owned web addresses, not to mention waiting lists for when their current own decides to let them go. That’s another reason behind some of the more unique and highly catchy names!

So, what’s your favorite maid service name? It doesn’t have to be one that you’ve used in the past, just something that has caught your eye and is remarkable enough to be memorable.


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