What Snow Materials Do You Need?

Like it or now, inclement weather is on its way. The first snowfall of the year may look pretty, but that thought only lasts until you have to go into it. In order to be fully prepared for the cold, snowy weather that hangs around from November until April (in some cases), you need to keep the following things on hand:

– A snow shovel or a snow blower – Your driveway and sidewalks will need to be cleared of snow, and these two methods are the easiest ways to do so. A snow shovel, obviously, uses more physical strength, especially if the snow is rather deep. A snow blower requires less effort, since there are many self-propelled ones on the market.

– Salt – No, not table salt. You need rock salt to sprinkle on your concrete surfaces to melt the ice, after you remove the snow. A good, thorough application of rock salt, when combined with a little sunlight, will result in sidewalks and driveways that are merely damp. The ice and any remaining snow will vanish without a trace, leaving you with a non-slippery surface to both walk and drive on.

– A snow scraper – Like it or not, you will have to remove the snow from your vehicle before you can go anywhere. A sturdy handheld snow scraper will do the job nicely, and is considered a vital part of your winter weather gear.

– De-icing windshield washer fluid – After scraping the snow from your vehicles windshield, a dousing of a windshield washer fluid with de-icing properties will loosen the ice on your windows, making it easier for your windshield wipers and scrapers to do their jobs. This will get you on your way to work (or the store) faster!

– A sled. You might as well enjoy the snow while you can!

Or, instead of removing the snow from your sidewalks and driveways yourself, you can always hire a snow removal service.

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