I Fired my Housekeeper, what can happen?

Personal Injury

So exactly what is a housekeeper?  It’s someone who can become an invaluable part of your life if they do a good job.  When you hire a housekeeper, you count on the person that you chose for several things.  You expect them to be punctual, to be honest and reliable, and most of all, to make sure that your house is really clean.  But if your house cleaner isn’t living up to your expectations, you may have to make the tough decision to fire them.  What is a housekeeper able to do if you fire her?  Here are some possible consequences of firing your house maid.


  • If you decide that you can’t work things out with the person that you hired to be your house cleaner and you have to fire them, that person can file an unemployment claim.  This is one reason why it’s beneficial to you to go through a housekeeping service when you hire a maid.  If you aren’t happy with the maid that you get, you can request a different person.  Then it’s up to the agency to decide whether they need to fire the housekeeper, and they are responsible for dealing with unemployment claims.
  • A housekeeper can then file a claim for back taxes, which essentially means that they want to claim back some of the money they paid into taxes while working for you.  This is just a major headache.
  • What’s even more serious is the fact that a former cleaner could state that they were injured while working for you and file a workman’s comp claim.  In most states it is against the law to fire someone who has filed a workman’s comp claim, and you’ll be stuck with having to pay wages and medical bills for a housekeeper who didn’t do a good job in the first place.

While you can save money by hiring an individual cleaner privately rather than using an agency or cleaning service, it may be more trouble in the long run.  What is a housekeeper going to do if you fire her?  If you have to fire your housekeeper, an agency will deal with that problem for you.  An agency should be bonded and insured.  If you hire someone privately and run into a problem – theft, shoddy work, or an on-the-job injury – you have a big mess that you have to clean up yourself.

If you want to avoid dealing with unemployment claims, claims for back taxes, or worker’s compensation claims, your best bet is to choose a trustworthy housekeeping agency to provide your cleaning service.

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