What’s More Important in a Cleaning Service – Price? Or a Relationship?

When you go to choose a cleaning service, after factoring all of the other information (reviews, referrals, etc), is it better to base your choice on price and switch maid services continuously in order to constantly go with the cheapest one, or to pick the one service that you liked the best and build up a relationship with them?

It can be tricky to find that perfect company – the one that combines good service with trustworthy personnel, which makes switching from cleaning service to cleaning service hard to do. In fact, sticking with the same maid service for years will get you better service. The cleaners know your home or office, understand what needs to be cleaned, and, in order to reward you for your loyalty, are more than likely going to do a fantastic job every time.

Looking at it from the other perspective, switching companies based on price can be tricky. Not only are you hiring the cheapest service, which is usually cheap for a reason, but you need to spend a good deal of time calling around and getting prices and checking references. It’s much easier and less time consuming to build a relationship with one company. By switching all the time, eventually you’re going to slip up and run into trouble by hiring a non-trustworthy company. And you know where that will lead. On top of this, a new service might do a good job the first time, simply because you are a new customer, but the second or third time that they come by to clean, all of that could change and you could be left with a half-hearted clean.

You’re better off sticking with the same company and building a relationship with them.

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