Where are the germs in your house?

Look around your house — can you guess where the germs are? If you said the bathroom and the kitchen, then you are partially correct. Before you start cleaning your home, focusing on those two areas, take a moment to let the reality sink in: the germs are everywhere. Let’s break it down by room:

Kitchen: Your sink, stove top, oven and refrigerator door are germ magnets. Tests have shown that these areas in the kitchen are breeding grounds for both coliform and staph bacteria. While you’re cleaning these areas, make sure that you also scrub your cabinet door handles, any coffee makers, and the handle and door of your dishwasher.

Bathroom: Believe it or not, the most germ-ridden thing in your bathroom is your toothbrush holder. Yes, that is as horrifying as it sounds. When cleaning your bathroom, obviously you need to scrub the toilet, sink (and counter), shower and floors, but don’t forget about the items on the sink. The toothbrush holder, any beauty supplies and the mirror should be cleaned as well.

Living room: If you have dogs, do you know what they are tracking back in after running around in your backyard? On top of fleas and ticks (which are not really germs, but are just as unpleasant), they could bring germs of various kinds inside. This can be prevented by wiping off your dog’s paws before he or she enters the house, but a regular (and thorough) vacuuming helps as well.

In order to effectively rid your house of germs, you need to use a strong household cleaning agent. Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles and several other brands are fine, although there are green cleaning detergents that work as well. If you use a sponge to wash your dishes or clean various surfaces in your house, make sure that you replace it regularly, as it can breed germs.


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