Which Maid for You?

MTFY - Fully InsuredWhich maid service os for you?  You have plenty of choices when it comes to house cleaning services  but why settle for just any old company when you can have the best.  More Time for You stands heads and shoulders above competitors like The Maids and other major franchises, and here’s why: 

The Maids stop with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, while More Time for You goes above and beyond to offer a 200 percent satisfaction guarantee.  Why settle for less when you can have more?  All you have to do is call within 24 hours of your cleaning service, and we’ll come right back over and clean again. If it still isn’t right, you can show us precisely what’s wrong, and we’ll take care of it.  Our manager will see to it personally.  We’ll even refund your money and make a donation to charity in the same amount as the price of your service.

None of the employees at More Time for You have ever failed a random drug test.  Can your cleaning service claim that?  Do they even perform drug-testing?    We don’t know for sure, buy why hire a company that you’re wondering about?  Your possessions are valuable, and in order to handle them with care, you need to be sure that the maid service you hire only allows drug-free workers in your home.

Our clients trust us so much that more than three-quarters of them give our cleaners a key to their home.  Are you comfortable turnover the keys to your house?

Although we are bonded and insured, in the 13 years we have been in  business, we have never needed to use our bond policy.  This just goes to show how careful our housekeepers are and how selective we are when choosing the people who will go into your home.

We know there are plenty of house cleaners in Powell and Dublin to choose from, but are their track records as squeaky clean as ours?  You just don’t know what you’re going to get sometimes, but with More Time for You, you can rest assured that you get quality service each and every time.

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