Who does your housecleaning service hire?

Would you agree that they are recruiting from the very same applicant pool as we are?  If so, do you know how they screen?  If not, you better add it to your selection process.  Let us share how we may hire only 1 or 2 out of 100 applicants.

This is the toughest hiring environment in More Time for You’s  14-year history.  Recruiting housekeepers has never been more difficult and screening more important.    It may be easy to hire a house cleaner – but not as easy to find someone we would trust in your home.  We have often said; we would rather lose your business then lose your trust in us.

Here are some things to consider as you screen your maid service companies.

The first question you should ask is if the person cleaning your home is an employee or an Independent Contractor.  Insist on knowing that answer.  If they are an Independent Contractor, there is a risk you are not protected against damage or a work related injury.  Our advice, select a cleaning service such as More Time for You that uses properly vetted employees, is fully insured and all employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation.

Ask if they perform a prescreening phone interview.  More Time for You does and all applicants need to pass those questions before we invite them in.

Interesting note:  Out of 100 applicants that apply.  Fewer than 50% pass our phone prescreen.  So our candidate pool quickly shrinks to 50.   Now what is even more interesting is that of those fifty we invite in, half don’t show up, call or cancel.  That 100 quickly dropped to 25 housecleaning candidates.

Once a cleaning applicant does show up at More Time for You; the screening process continues.  Each home cleaning applicant completes a very in depth questionnaire making sure they are qualified for the position.  We cover working on hands and knees; verify there are no allergies or fears of cats and dogs, etc.   Once they have successfully answered those questions we move on.  Of the 25 that complete this.  About 25% will not move to the next step, this leaves us with 19.

Find out how they screen for a positive attitude.  You certainly don’t want someone in your home with a negative attitude and we don’t either.   Our next step is to have our applicants completing an attitude assessment.   We want people with a positive outlook on life.   That is whom we would want in our home, so the same holds true for yours.

Inquire if they perform any third party non-biased assessment test and what it covers?  For the past 7 years we have used such a tool.  This assessment provides us a profile covering, Supervisory Attitudes, Work Attitudes, Workplace Theft Attitudes, Workplace Theft Attitudes, Prospects for Long-Term Employment and Safety and Risk Avoidance.  Pretty important information for a home cleaning company to know don’t you think?

More Time for You excludes those with a medium or high risk theft assessment.  This eliminates 37% from those taking the assessment.  Those with poor validity scores (attempting to manipulate the survey outcomes), with Below Average Customer Service or bad work attitudes don’t make the cut and eliminate an additional 13%.  We eliminate 50% of those that pass the phone interview, attitude testing and  job profile.  We now have 9 viable applicants from the original 100 applications.

More Time for You then conducts a multiple question interview.  The verbal interview will eliminate 1/3 of the remaining applicants, leaving us with six..

Our background check eliminates 1 out of ten that have made it this far.  That leaves us with 5 candidates that we can make offers.

Twenty percent will not accept or not show up on the first day, leaving us with 4 (could our drug-free environment cause that?)

Of the four that join us; 50% will not make it through our extensive training, a two to eight week program based on experience.

So for every 100 applications that come in, we may hire one or two.

As a result, More Time for You is very proactive in recruiting.  During the month of February 2013, we had 35 applicants apply.  Although we need staff, we were only able to make just one offer.  She never called us back.

We wish these conditions were better and we assure you we commit countless hours recruiting every day.    But then again, that is why you hire and trust More Time for You.  We also have periodic waiting lists for new clients, which can create some inconveniences.  But we feel we are worth the wait.  We provide excellent cleaning quality and we are very selective with whom we have in your home.


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