Who is your favorite TV maid?

Maids have become such a large part of our culture that when they appear on television, we pay attention. The way that each part is scripted depends on the time period that the entire show takes place in. For example, there’s Downton Abbey, which takes place in England in the early 1900s. Fitting in with the time period and the atmosphere, the servants are shown as very proper and well-behaved. Contrast that with Alice, the housekeeper/cook/wise cracker on The Brady Bunch. The difference? About 50 years, a leap across the ocean, and a change from sterile civility to lighthearted humor.

Other popular TV maids span a time range that runs from the 1970s to the future. Some of the most well-known of these include Berta on Two and Half Men; Rosie the Robot from the cartoon show The Jetsons; Mr. Belvedere, who helmed a show aptly named Mr. Belvedere; Florida on Maude; Tony on Who’s the Boss, Florence on The Jeffersons, and Geoffrey on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  The differences between them were extreme, in some cases. You also need to take in account that some appeared on comedies, others on serious shows, and one was even a cartoon!

Choosing a favorite TV maid from this list, or even from one of the shows that did not get mentioned here, is a personal decision. Do you like your maids to be sarcastic know-it-alls who get their work done with a side of snark? (Berta) Or, do you prefer nothing but business? (Geoffrey) It might depend on the show, since everyone has an opinion on the TV show itself, if not on the characters (maids/housekeepers included.) So think about it: who is your TV maid?

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