Why You Should Hire More Time for You

More Time for You Owners - Craig and PamReputation.  The reputation of the person you hire for your housekeeping should be very important to you.  More Time for You has been servicing homes like yours since 1999.  We are the only local cleaning company that is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Torch Integrity Award Recipient.

Familiar Face.  Our customers prefer our one employee approach versus a “herd” concept. 

Aligned Design.  Our employee wages and bonuses are aligned with you in mind.  An hourly wage, mileage reimbursement and a monthly bonus based on reliability and quality.  Not speed or productivity!

Undeniable Reliability.  Your home will be cleaned on your scheduled day.  If it has to be rescheduled, it will be within 48 business hours or it is FREE. (Excludes holiday weeks or reschedules due to weather).

Unrivaled Arrival.  We will provide you with either an AM or PM clean.  If you have requested an AM or PM clean and we mix it up without your approval, you get a $10 rebate.

Marquee Guarantee.  200% Cleaning Guarantee!

Management.  While some homeowners like to be involved in their house cleaning management, we have found that the overwhelming majority prefer to have someone else handle that chore for them.  More Time for You will manage every aspect of your house cleaning. 

Accidental Insurance.  If you hire an individual or company that does not have Workers Compensation Insurance, guess who is going to get the bill when an accident happens.  We have had claims for falls and trips and bites and one of these claims incurred over $74,000 in payments and reserves.  Why take the risk?  More Time for You uses our employee’s in every home and they are all covered under Workers Compensation Insurance.  Don’t take any chances and make sure you ask if a service provider uses independent contractors. If so, ask for proof of insurance.

Taxes.  Sales tax is required to be collected and remitted in the state ofOhio.  If your service provider does not report it, then what else might they be up to?

Employment Taxes.  If you have a household employee in your home, you probably need to file a Schedule H.  Here is the risk:  Let’s say you don’t and then for whatever reason your conditions change and you lay this person off.  What happens when they file for unemployment?  Red flag coming your way!

Breakage Insurance.  Over the years, we had many customers show us broken items that were glued back together by an individual in an effort to cover it up.  Asking an individual cleaner to cover the cost of a $200 item takes a big part of their paycheck.  More Time for You is fully insured and we cover the expense of all broken items that we are responsible for.  We do not charge our employee’s for damage. Accidents do happen and we do not want our employee’s to have any reason to not disclose breakage.

No Guilt.  An individual cleaner becomes part of the family.  How do you terminate him/her or how do you discuss his/her weaknesses in the cleaning?  While More Time for You wants to have a great relationship with you, it is business first.  If you aren’t pleased, you can express your concerns with us.  If the quality is off, we can reassign one of our multiple employee’s and we will find one that satisfies your needs.  In the event we just can’t meet your needs and you need to make a change, it won’t be personal.  We failed.

Competitive.  We are competitively priced, if not lower than many other companies.  We are confident we will provide excellent value.

Products.  We are OSHA complaint and all of our products are labeled for safety.  There are some pretty toxic products out there.  They may do a great job cleaning, but are they safe for your home and family?

Discounted Time Saving Services.  You’ll have discounted access to our handyman, lawn care and other value added services.  Saving you time and money.

Our Golden Rule:  Treat others as you wish to be treated.  MTFY will ALWAYS do the right thing!

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