Winter Clean Out

Prior to spring cleaning there is a period of winter cleaning. Whether you need to clear out spaces for the Christmas tree or any other holiday decorations, or need to tidy things up in order to host a plethora of holiday get-togethers, a winter clean out must be done. Start off with these:

1) Clean out closets to make space for new items. Yes, the holidays are more about family than presents, but if you have kids, expect them to receive gifts from those family members! Teach them about giving as well as getting by having each child go through their toys and give some seldom-used ones away to charity. The same goes for older members of the family as well.

2) Make your living room and dining rooms sparkle. If you plan on hosting family events over the holidays, the public spaces in your home need to be organized, tidy and as clean as can be. Start by picking up everything that does not belong in those rooms (and putting it all away where it is supposed to go), then neaten up the items that are left before vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the space. Before you know it, each room will be ready for company!

3) Control your holiday clutter. It can be easy to sit back and try to relax over the holidays, but that just leads to things piling up throughout your house. Make it your goal to put away a few things each day — at least —  to avoid having a disaster on your hands once the holiday season is over. This way you can have plenty of time to enjoy your precious time off from work without having to live alongside wrapping paper remnants, unopened holiday cards and the other messes that only this time of year can bring.

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